Collection: Hemp & Honey RX-Organic Oregon Hemp Gummies | Stress, Pain, Anxiety & Inflammation Relief | Promotes Calm, Healthy Sleep, Relaxation & Immune Support for Adults & Kids | 400,000 MG

😊 FAST STRESS, PAIN and ANXIETY RELIEF - Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or tired? RELAX with our Extra Large fruity Hemp bears! Our Hemp Gummies are for stress & anxiety and help you CALM DOWN and facilitate more restful sleep & better mood.

❤️ SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM and ENHANCE YOUR BODY'S HEALING ENERGIES - Hemp & Honey RX Hemp Gummy Bears boost your mood, energy, and are good for the skin and hair, supports your immune system, and overall energy levels. Our Hemp Gummys are loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, fatty acids Omega 3,6, and 9, and essential minerals.

🚀STIMULATE BRAIN FUNCTION & FEEL GREAT -Infused with 100% ORGANIC Oregon Hemp Oil using a unique cold press method for maximum effect. Our Extra Large hemp gummies offers the benefit of a high potency Hemp Extract without any downsides of synthetic ingredients.

👑 DELICIOUS & EXTRA LARGE ORGANIC HEMP GUMMY BEARS -Get rid of sour tasting Hemp pills for our YUMMY GUMMY BEARS. You'll taste the difference from the first chew! Our Gummy Bears are HUGE and each bottle contains 100 tasty Hemp Gummies made with REAL FRUIT JUICE to support pain reduction and inflammation, increase calm, reduce anxiety, and as a sleep aid.

🌿 MADE & GROWN IN THE USA & ORGANIC OREGON HEMP- Hemp & Honey Rx uses only pure cold pressed hemp extract from Oregon that is USDA CERTIFIED. Everything is done in the USA, from farm to end product. All ingredients used in our gummies are organic and MADE WITH REAL FRUIT & VEGETABLE JUICE, vegan, GMO-free, and do not contain chemicals or toxins.

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