Collection: Hemp & Honey RX- 3 PACK |Organic Hemp Oil Extract, Organic Oregon Hemp Gummies & Organic Hemp Oil for Dogs & Cats. Great for gifts.

🌿THE SECRET FOR FAST & NATURAL STRESS, ANXIETY & PAIN RELIEF🌿 - Feeling stressed? Inflammation? Pain? Hemp & Honey Rx's Cold Pressed Organic Hemp Oil is bursting with Vitamins & Minerals that support natural relief from pain and anxiety. Our Hemp Oil Omega supplement supports a calm, relaxed mood, and enhanced health.

😊 FAST STRESS, PAIN and ANXIETY RELIEF😊 - Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or tired? RELAX with our Extra Large fruity Hemp bears! Our Hemp Gummies are for stress & anxiety and help you CALM DOWN and facilitate more restful sleep & better mood.

🐶 CALM, PEACEFUL DOGS & CATS- Does your pet get stressed, have separation anxiety, trouble sleeping & become restless and disruptive? Our Organic Hemp Oil has nutrients that naturally calm & soothe your cat & dog anxiety & supports improved brain function. Reduce the stress of visits to the vet, long car rides, or new animals or people.

🌿FEEL GREAT WITH 100 % ORGANIC OREGON HEMP- MADE & GROWN IN THE USA 🌿 Hemp & Honey Rx uses only pure USDA CERTIFIED hemp extract & isolate from Certified Oregon Hemp farmers. Everything is done in the USA, from farm to end product. We use a proprietary cold-press extraction method for the best hemp oil on the market. Plus a delicious Organic Peppermint flavor..VEGAN, GMO-FREE, AND MADE IN THE USA.


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