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Hemp & Honey RX Organic Oregon Hemp Oil in glass vase with hemp leavesSupport your health great for gifts

We use the Finest Organic Hemp from Oregon

Organic Oregon Hemp Oil 30,000 mg with  multivitamin extra strength premium cold pressed peppermint flavor 1oz hemp & honey rx with hemp extract with hemp leaves and peppermint leaves  with box and bottle with dropper full of hemp oil

Hemp & Honey RX Organic Hemp Oil

FEEL GREAT WITH 100 % ORGANIC OREGON HEMP- MADE & GROWN IN THE USA 🌿                                                                                        ENJOY the AMAZING BENEFITS of PURE HEMP OIL EXTRACT with IMMUNE SUPPORT- Our Organic Hemp Oil formula is brimming with Vitamin B complex, C and E to boost your immune system.                                                                                              Hemp & Honey Rx uses only pure USDA CERTIFIED Hemp Extract  from Oregon Hemp farmers. We use a proprietary cold press extraction method for the best hemp oil on the market. Plus a delicious pure Organic Peppermint flavor.      VEGAN, ORGANIC, GMO FREE

Hemp & Honey RX Organic Oregon Hemp Gummy Bears 100 gummies 400 000 MG Bottle & box with bottle open and Hemp bear gummies spilling out. Extra High Potency Mood energy immunity support omegas 3 6 & 9

Hemp & Honey RX Organic Gummy Bears

EXTRA LARGE HEMP BEARS! FAST STRESS, PAIN and ANXIETY RELIEF -😊                                                                                                                  Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or tired? RELAX! Our Hemp Gummies are for stress & anxiety and help you CALM DOWN and facilitate more restful sleep & better mood.

MADE & GROWN IN THE USA & ORGANIC OREGON HEMP-All ingredients used in our gummies are organic and MADE WITH REAL FRUIT & VEGETABLE JUICE, GMO-free, and do not contain chemicals or toxins.

Hemp & Honey RX Organic Oregon Hemp Oil  for 30,000 mg for pets dogs & cats  with box and bottle with dropper full of hemp oil extra strength  anti anxiety and pain relief 1oz

Hemp & Honey Rx Hemp Oil for your Pets

WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR PET? ORGANIC, VEGAN, GMO FREE and MADE IN THE USA 🏆                                                                                  GOLD STANDARD IN PAIN RELIEF-Is your pet struggling with chronic pain, hip & joint pain, arthritis? Our  Hemp Oil is bursting with Omega 3, 6 & 9's & Anti-Inflammatory agents providing fast deep relief to your pets.                                                                                                                                                      Our ORGANIC HEMP OIL is sustainably sourced from small organic cooperative Oregon farmers. Fresh from the Farm-Our Hemp Oil is 100% Natural with No Filler Oils. SAFE FOR ALL BREEDS of CATS and DOGS.

*****  June 10, 2020

Our dogs, Max & Oscar are running on beach! Best Organic Pet Hemp Oil Ever!

Our dogs are older and used to love to run on the beach.. My mom noticed they were slowing down a bit and was worried arthritis might be setting in. She tasked me with doing some research.

I found Hemp & Hemp RX and loved the fact not only is everything Organic they give this to their pets every day too. Well, we have been putting the Hemp Oil on their dog food and they love it.. Never seen our dogs eat so fast.. Results speak for themselves they are running on the beach and their coat is lustrous and shiny again. We just reordered more…

Sophia Russo

***** May 15th, 2020

Feel Great & Relaxed! Best Organic Hemp Gummies Ever!

I'm a new mom working and going to school part time. Sleep deprived is an understatement for me.  I just cant go to sleep due to stress and back pain. 

 I wanted an organic natural supplement, and after doing some research I found Hemp & Honey RX- all of their products are organic and made in small custom batches from Organic Oregon Hemp including these yummy Gummy supplements. 

Amazing results. I’m sleeping better and have less pain. I feel more relaxed, less anxious, and can avoid the pharmaceutical route. I gave some Gummies to my mom, and she loved them.  My mom & I just placed another order.

Kate Byrant

***** July 8, 2020

Amazing Organic Hemp Oil. It Helps Us Tremendously! Thank you Hemp & Honey RX!

Mike & I retired 2 years ago. I was a nurse and my husband was a schoolteacher. We have been feeling more aches and pains recently and not working out or playing tennis in park like we used to. I missed that..

Well, we bought Hemp & Honey Organic Oil and I feel great and pain free. Mike said he is sleeping better and more relaxed. His joint pain is gone. We are now playing tennis everyday and looking for to the rest of our retirement.. It tastes great as well. Thank you Hemp & Honey RX.

Mike & Rosie Flynn